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Workshop for Community at IN-TO Farm

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Division of Community Industry Development, Ministry of Industry (DIProm) and Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology, Assumption University joined together for accelerating “Community growth” with “Opportunity and Knowledge” towards “DIProm Community Model”  

Ang Thong Province: 21-22 February 2023

Mr. Watcharoon Juyjumlong, Director of Division of Community Industry Development, Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry (DIProm), together with Dr. Ketsuda Donmeung, Community Industry Development Expert and Rev. Bro. Dr. Prawat Sutthinont, Deputy Vice President for Academic Affairs of Assumption University of Thailand (ABAC), Asst. Prof. Dr. Patchanee Yasurin, Dean of Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology, and Mrs. Benjaporn A. Head of Public Relations, Assumption University, DIProm and ABAC staff have visited Sri Pran Community for a workshop “Increase Knowledge in Production Technology for DIProm the future”. Mr. Chinchai Chongsuklai, Director of Community Industry Development Group stated a detailed report on the event.  

Sri Pran Community, Ang Thong Province is a community with mangoes growers for more than 300 Rais and a total of 39 families. This activity is a collaboration between “Assumption University” bringing sophomore and junior students to transfer the production technology to the community. This will help solve the problem of below-standard and oversupply of mangoes. “Division of Community Industry” supports training for the community to improve knowledge in production technology, quality control, selection of appropriate technology, cost calculation, and lower cost production. The goal is to accelerate “community growth” with “opportunity” by being a strong community and locally-grown farmers. Gaining knowledge in production and processing technology will bring the community towards social enterprise in the near future.

“IN-TO Melon Farm”, an entrepreneur model for “Holistic Area Based Community Development” is ready to encourage the processed products from the Sri Pran community to be marketed at the farm, creating new businesses, increasing the community’s income, and strengthening the community overall. This will boost the grassroots economy and can be used as a model for other communities throughout Thailand.