Asst.Prof.Dr.Patchanee Yasurin


Welcome to Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology, Assumption University, Thailand, where a perfect blend of biotechnology and business tools meet to turn research innovations into “Bio-entrepreneurship”.

For over 20 years, Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology has successfully trained graduates to be Global Citizens who currently are holding key positions, and significantly contributing to the development and prosperity of biotechnology and food industries across the world.

Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology provides students with the real-world training through a unique curriculum and outstanding partnerships worldwide. The curriculum provides Biotechnology students broad and fundamental knowledge, thus, training the graduates for the dynamic food industry, which experiences numerous changes due to the high involvement of large international corporations, as well as for the Biotechnology Circular Economy in order to serve the world market needs for the present and future.

Go Biotech, AU !

Asst.Prof.Dr.Patchanee Yasurin

“To be the Leader in the Human Resources production in food and agro-biotechnology including Startups, Bio-entrepreneurs as well as being an Internationally recognized Biotechnology School. Providing research, academic services, technology transfer for sustainable food and agro-biotechnology community.”

  1. Providing educational opportunities that will prepare students and lifelong learners to contribute to a dynamic and diverse society aligning with S-curve Industry.
  2. Expanding collaborations with national and international institutes. 
  3. Enhancing social awareness through public relations.
  4. Creating valuable research and its dissemination both nationally and internationally.
  5. Providing academic services and technology transfer resources and knowledge for sustainable community.