Study Plan


Bachelor of Science in FOOD TECHNOLOGY

(International Program)

Curriculum 2022

     1. General Education Courses           

33 Credits 

     2. Core Courses    

24 Credits

     3. Major Required Courses

36 Credits

     4. Major Elective Courses       

33 Credits

     5. Free Elective Courses          

  6 Credits

Total Credits: 132 Credits

1. General Education Courses   33 Credits
2. Core Courses24 Credits
3. Major Required Courses36 Credits
4. Major Elective Courses 33 Credits
5. Free Elective Courses 6 Credits

1. General Education Courses (AU Requirement) (33 Credits)

General Education Courses (Others*)

2. Core Courses (24 Credits)

BS 1115Basic Chemistry3 (2-3-5)
BS 1116Basic Biology3 (2-3-5)
BS 1117Basic Physics3 (2-3-5)
BS 2020Basic Microbiology3 (2-3-5)
BS 2006Basic Biochemistry3 (2-3-5)
BT 2012Introduction to Food Biotechnology3 (3-0-6)
BT 3020Design Thinking and Research Design3 (3-0-6)
BT 4001Food Biotechnology World Trend3 (3-0-6)
Total24 Credits

3. Major Required Courses (36 Credits)

FT 3114Functional Food for Health3 (3-0-6)
FT 3115Food Safety and Microbiology Technology3 (2-3-5)
FT 3116Food System and Breakthrough3 (2-3-5)
FT 3117Food Processing Innovations and Technologies3 (2-3-5)
FT 3118Properties of Food and Engineering3 (2-3-5)
FT 4143Food Quality and Safety Standard, Law and Regulation3 (2-3-5)
FT 4146Food Product Design and Development3 (2-3-5)
FT 4147Industrial Fermentation Innovation and Products3 (2-3-5)
FT 4148Consumer Food Marketing3 (3-0-6)
FT 4149Sensory Marketing and Consumer Behavior3 (3-0-6)
FT 4190Special Project3 (0-9-4)
FT 4151Internship for biotechnology students3 (0-9-4)
Total36 Credits

4. Major Elective Courses (33 Credits)

5. Free Elective Courses (6 Credits)

Students can take free elective courses of 6 credits from any faculty at Assumption University upon completion of the prerequisites (if any).

*Subjects suggested for non-biotech students taking as FREE ELECTIVE COURSES

FT 1001Food Technology Exploration3 (3-0-6)
FT 4133Introduction to Wine Appreciation3 (3-0-6)
FT 4134Food Health and Beauty3 (3-0-6)
FT 4140Packaging Technology3 (3-0-6)
FT 4155Gastronomy Tourism3 (3-0-6)
FBT 1001Overview of Agro-Industry3 (3-0-6)
FBT 1002Biotechnology for Beginner3 (3-0-6)
FBT 4008Eco-Friendly Products2 (1-2-3)
FBT 4009Everyday Uses of Bio-based Products1 (0-2-1)