Undergraduate Advising

Advising System at Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology aims to help the students on registration, practical training and funding, academic and student activities, and student’s special project. Every student will be assigned to a faculty member to guide them throughout the study at Assumption University.


  1. At the beginning of the first academic year, School’s office will arrange a new advisee to an advisor. To find out who is your advisor, please contact the advisory office located at Q94 Biotech Office or send an email to
  2. Every student must meet their advisor twice a semester, before and after midterm examination. Fail to do so will result in no access to registration for a new semester. The advisors can be reached via AU Spark or during their office hour posted in front of their offices.
  3. The advising system of the School is conducted in an open-door manner that allows the students to feel free to meet with the advisor any time. Students are encouraged to consult with the advisor on any academic topic or how to adjust to the life in the university.