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IN-TO Melon Farm, Ang Thong

Academic Services
Division of Community Industry Development, Ministry of Industry (DIProm) and Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology, Assumption University have joined together in bringing food and herbal consultants and experts, along with a group of students who volunteer to visit “IN-TO Melon Farm” at Ang Thong province. IN-TO Melon Farm has been selected as a target entrepreneur that DIProm would like to set up as a model for “Holistic Area Based Community Development”. The idea emphasizes connecting gastronomy tourism through local networking to sustainably create income for the community.
The consultation was on the development of sustainable products from “IN-TO Melon Farm” to elevate the processing potential together with value-added agricultural products from the community. The pilot project is focused on training 50 farmers on how to process Num Dok Mai mangoes and Nam Wa bananas. The training will also include the topics on required standards, quality control, and new product development. “IN-TO Melon Farm” has planned to support the local community as a tourist destination where the community can bring their products to sell to the crowd.