By :  Mr. Pooyan  Shakouri Elizei

Advisor :  Asst. Prof. Dr. Wunwisa  Krasaekoopt

Level of study :  Master of Science

Department :  Food Biotechnology

Faculty :  Biotechnology

Academic Year :  2013


Litsea cubeba essential oil has applications in the field of food, herbal medicine and aromatherapy but its applications have been limited due to low stability supporting material was exerted in this assay to protect susceptible LCEO from environmental factors. Microencapsulation of LCEO with β-cyclodextrin carried out by kneading and co-precipitation methods at various oil concentration and starting LCEO to β-CD ratio (w/w) adopted from central composite design in order to determine the effect of the ratio of LCEO to β-CD on the inclusion efficiency, MY, surface oil and recovery of finish product. In addition, the effect of different RH and temperature on the oxidative stability of powder was investigated. The results indicated that there was a significant difference (P<0.05) between treatment within each method in respect to ME, oil load, surface oil and percentage of recovery powder. According to the obtained results, kneading method was found to be more efficient and financially accepted due to less operational loss of ingredients and higher Inclusion efficiency. An optimum concentration of oil and its ratio to β-CD was found at trial 4 in which maximum inclusion of LCEO (102 mg/g of β-CD), 74.7%MY and 90.9% recovery were obtained in the complex powder. In respect to oxidative stability, RH 53% resulted in lower peroxide value in contrast with RH 64% which possessed higher PV. Likewise, the RH 64% showed more sensitivity to the temperature changes while RH 75% illustrated lowest susceptibility to the temperature changes. According to the results, the lower temperature (10oC) and RH (53%) provided higher oxidative stability and longer shelf life of encapsulated powder.


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