To be the leading international biotechnology school developing human resources and expanding and transferring knowledge for continuous improvement of the safety, quality and value of agricultural and food products through the excelling in the creation of new knowledge and application in Biotechnology appropriated for development of the country/community.


  1. Providing educational opportunities that will prepare students to contribute to a dynamic, diverse and global society and pursue lifelong learning.
  2. Use appropriate scientific tools and systems to solve both fundamental and applied scientific questions pertaining to agro-industry and food science.
  3. Contribute to the improvement of competitiveness and profitability of growers and processors of fruit and vegetable crops, animals, and other expanding agro-industries.
  4. Develop and implement food biotechnologies to ensure the wholesomeness of foods.
  5. Improving individual, family and community well-being through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge in the agricultural, food systems, life and environmental sciences.
  6. Providing knowledge in the biological, physical and social sciences necessary to optimize the profitability, sustainability and productivity of the country’s agricultural resources while fostering stewardship of natural and human resources.
  7. Help establish, attract, and retain agricultural, food, and biotechnology enterprises locally and abroad.
  8. Enhance the role of the Assumption University in developing student and industry interactions as a viable part of the global economy.



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Theophane Vernard School of Biotechnology

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