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International Program  

Bio-entrepreneurship study is to combine knowledge in biotechnology with business tools to turn research innovations into business opportunities.

Be a Bioentrepreneur 

Are you thinking about the next steps for your future career? Biotechnology entrepreneurship and innovation could be the right thing for you!


Work training  

On-hands experience with renown industries and research laboratories around the world. Practical training over 300 hours among our collaborations both in Thailand and aboard.

Extensive networking 

On-the-job learning, 100+ projects networking with private and government sectors. Research funds possible !

The term “BIOENTREPRENEURSHIP” is relatively new to the world. The USA is considered to be the birthplace of bioentrepreneurship. The bioentrepreneur has operated in the US for over three decades , even before the IT giants like Microsoft, Sun, Cisco came into being, Biotech companies like Genentech and Amgen were expanding through their research programs, competing and collaborating with the major pharmaceutical companies.  Persidis (1996) described bioentrepreneurship as the wealth creation derived from the application of the biosciences to the business context.

Bioentrepreneurs look for commercial value in the technologies that they apply in conducting research in the field of biotechnology.

The goal of entrepreneurial education is to teach young people to see opportunities and utilize them to the fullest. Entrepreneurship involves new ideas, approaches, methods and styles that can be tested. Understanding business jargon and a businessperson's view of the world are critical in making the transition regardless of the position , occupation or profession the individual selects.


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